Business and maximizing profits come hand in hand like page numbers in a book. In the world of business, making a profit is the common language. There are- however- businesses whom embrace social responsibility as a core value. To them, the focus isn’t merely on maximizing profits.

BioClin and DiaClin are no different. To us, there is no business without social responsibility. This is also applies to our Dutch partner, Aurobindo.
One of Aurobindo’s own, Ferdinand ten Kate, is heading to Uganda for a 9 day, 120km cycling tour. An arduous task- perhaps- but one worthwhile nonetheless. Indeed, it’s for the Ugandan children in need.

They aren’t doing this for business; they’re doing this for the kids in Uganda.
You see, this is what Aurobindo is all about and is something we value in our partnership.

And we are proud to support them in this tour.

Good luck, Ferdinand!

For more information regarding the tour, please visit this website.