Eye Spray additional information

Eye Spray additional information

DiaClin EyeSpray is a unique eye care product based on the 2QR-complex. The EyeSpray relieves dry and irritated eyes, prevents bacterial infection of the eyes and reduces sensitivity and redness. The 2QR-complex prevents bacterial infection of the eyes by blocking harmful bacteria from binding to tissues and relieves discomforts such as itching and irritation. People with diabetes often have dry eyes caused by insufficient production of tears. DiaClin EyeSpray moistens the eye and forms a layer over the anterior part of the eyeball relieving dry and irritated eyes.

All ingredients of DiaClin EyeSpray are highly effective and selected for their efficacy and safety for people with diabetes, because they generally suffer from dry eye problems and are more sensitive to harsh ingredients.

DiaClin EyeSpray moistens the eyes and restores the micro flora preventing eye problems from becoming more serious.

Features of DiaClin EyeSpray:
• Medical Device
• Based on the 2QR-complex
• Special design, easy to use
• Free from allergens