FootFoam additional information

FootFoam additional information

Mode of action

The mode of action of DiaClin FootFoam is to optimize the skin flora of the foot, to prevent itch and poor skin condition, to prevent and treat dry skin and to improve the skin barrier and the condition of the skin. The skin’s micro flora is an important component of the body’s defense system: the barrier function. A balanced and stable micro flora of the skin is of vital importance for the optimal functioning of the skin, creating an optimal barrier and thereby a healthy skin.

If you have diabetes, the skin’s barrier function is impaired resulting in dehydration and a dry, itchy, poor skin condition. This also has a negative impact on the micro flora of the skin. The diabetic skin will lose its resilience and becomes more and more vulnerable.


When using DiaClin FootFoam, optimization of the skin flora is achieved with the patented 2QR-complex (Galactoarabinan Polyglucoronic Acid Crosspolymer), the main ingredient of all DiaClin products. This patented bio-active substance effectively neutralizes harmful microorganisms by blocking their adhesion to the skin and mucosa. DiaClin products optimize the barrier function by a combination of emollients and functional ingredients. A powerful osmoprotectant regulates the moist content of the skin. By optimizing the skin’s barrier function DiaClin products prevent and treat dry skin and thereby relieve itch. Moreover, with these ingredients cracked, callous skin of the feet is treated and prevented.