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DiaClin BodyWashDiaClin BodyWash is a unique cleansing product based on the 2QR-complex. DiaClin BodyWash is extremely mild and it is especially developed for the sensitive and vulnerable skin of people with diabetes.

All ingredients of DiaClin BodyWash are highly functional and very safe for the diabetic or vulnerable skin, conditioning the skin and providing a soft and supple feeling. DiaClin BodyWash does not contain surfactants that potentially cause irritation or sensitization. You can use DiaClin BodyWash every day, as much as you desire. You can use it when taking a shower, but also for washing your hands. By using DiaClin BodyWash, your need for dermatological medication is definitely reduced.

DiaClin BodyWash restores the skin’s natural barrier and prevents skin problems from becoming more serious.

Features of DiaClin BodyWash

  • based on the 2QR-complex
  • can be used as much as you want, every day
  • special design, easy to use
  • free from allergens
  • foams without adding water

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