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DiaClin MouthSprayDiaClin MouthSpray is a unique mouth care product based on the 2QR-complex. DiaClin MouthSpray prevents and treats dry mouth problems by stimulating the saliva production. The saliva that is produced together with the 2QR-complex, restores the natural balance of the oral micro flora. A healthy oral cavity prevents bleeding gums, reduces plaque formation and ensures a natural breath.

All ingredients of DiaClin MouthSpray are highly effective and selected for their efficacy and safety for people with diabetes, because they generally suffer from dry mouth problems and are more sensitive to harsh ingredients. You can use DiaClin MouthSpray every day, as much as you desire. By using DiaClin MouthSpray, your need for additional medication is definitely reduced.

DiaClin MouthSpray restores the microflora of the oral cavity and prevents problems from becoming more serious.

Features of DiaClin MouthSpray

  • Medical Device
  • based on the 2QR-Complex
  • can be used as much as you want, every day
  • special design, easy to use
  • free from allergens
  • fresh taste

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