Type 1 diabetes symptoms

Type 1 diabetes symptoms

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes can come quickly, even over a few days. These symptoms are caused by a high blood sugar but can be overlooked or mistaken for another illness. It’s important to keep a close eye on the symptoms so that diabetes can be diagnosed at an early stage.

This prevents problems from getting worse. The main symptoms of diabetes are related to high blood sugar. Let’s take a look at the most common symptoms to type 1.

Urinating frequently

The kidneys are trying to dispose the excess sugar in the blood. They do this by getting rid of water (which dilutes the glucose) which causes you to urinate more often than you are used to.

Increased thirst

When urinating frequently, the body becomes dehydrated. As a result, you get thirsty, drink more water and this also leads to more urinating.

Feeling tired

With diabetes type 1, the pancreas produces no insulin. Insulin is needed to allow the glucose (sugar) in your blood to enter the cells to produce the energy the body needs. As a result, you feel tired because the body isn’t getting the energy it needs.

Unwanted weight loss

Because of dehydration, the body loses weight. This also happens because you are losing all of the calories in sugar through urine and because the body will burn other parts (of muscles) because it needs to get the energy from other sources then the glucose.

Increased hunger

The body isn’t able to get its energy from the food intake because many calories leave the body through urine. As a result, you feel hungry more frequently.

Blurry vision

Sugar can also build up in the lens of the eye. As a result, more water is sucked into your eye causing a change in the shape of your lens and blurring your vision.

It’s very important to keep an eye on the symptoms. When experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, it’s wise to seek help from a medical professional to establish whether you have diabetes type 1 or not.